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How Printmaking Master Classes Works

Video crew relaxing after a shoot

Maureen, María José, and Juan Carlos. The video crew relaxes after a shoot.

Printmaking Master Classes is a video-download e-learning initiative for fine-art printmakers who want to take their work to the next level. The content of these videos–which can be sampled in the video trailer at the left of these lines–is the distillation of  20 years’ of running printmaking workshops and master classes in my studio in Granada, Spain. Rather than imposing my style and criteria in my teaching I try to coax their own personal best out of all the artists.

We have taken every effort to make the Printmaking Master Classes experience worthwhile and pleasant from beginning to end. We opted for serving up these learning videos in download form instead of DVD’s for three reasons:

  • It’s less expensive and the savings are passed on to you.
  • It’s much more immediate.
  • And the image and sound quality are as good or better than DVD learning videos.

If, after viewing the trailer, you see a subject that catches your attention you can order and download it immediately here online. If you want a DVD-style cover and liner notes you can download them right here for free and print them yourself. Then you can copy the video file onto a DVD and pop into a DVD box. Bingo! You’ve got the collector’s edition of your Printmaking Master Classes.

What’s a Gallinero? And why would you want to stay there?

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