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What Printmakers Need and What They Want

Filming Printmaking Master Classes in Maureen Booth's Granada StudioI’ve been doing printmaking master classes in my studio since the late 80’s. Over that time I’ve a learned a lot about what most printmakers need–and perhaps more importantly–what they want (with a nod to Bob Dylan: “She knows what you need, but I know what you want…”) To sum it up briefly, printmakers need to dominate the basics and pay attention to detail. Once they have these factors under control they can let their creative juices flow. To do so earlier often leaves artists adrift for the rest of their printmaking lives. It’s like any other activity you want to take seriously. There’s no substitute for good coaching in the beginning.

Most printmakers want a distinctive, personal hand to be evident in their work. I can usually help an artist to progress towards these two goals in two or three weeks of intensive work here in my studio in Granada. But what about people who can’t come to Spain? What do I have to offer them? Until now, frankly, not much. Now, however, with my new series of Printmaking Master Class videos, I can offer them some of the guidance which I impart personally in my studio. While these videos are not the same as a one-on-one collaborative printmaking experience, I think there is enough valuable content in them to make them a worthwhile (and modest) investment for printmakers who want to refine their work.

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