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There Are Beautiful Accidents

Juan Carlos Romera

Video producer and friend, Juan Carlos Romera, working on my master-class videos.

I Was an Innocent Bystander!
Believe it or not, this printmaking-video-download initiative came to me as a surprise. We’ve been friends with video producer Juan Carlos Romera for 12 or 15 years. He and I met literally accidentally, as I bumped into the back of his car with my motor scooter. Now it’s as if Juan Carlos, his wife María José and their two children have been in our family forever.He has done documentaries, commercial work and short films, and won a lot of prizes. (See his YouTube Channel here.) I actually participated in one of his short films as an actress in the summer of 2006.

So Juan Carlos shows up at our house a couple of months ago to propose a project. He’s already got the whole plan in his head: “We’ll do some printmaking instructional videos together and sell them as downloads on the Web,” he said. “We’ll do something better than the usual how-to video, making them like short documentaries. The title of the collection will be Maureen Booth’s Printmaking World. You put up the printmaking, I’ll put up the video, and we’ll go 50/50 on the returns.”

What self-respecting working printmaker can turn down an offer like that? So, we’ve just finished doing the first five videos and Juan Carlos has made a trailer which covers all of them. You can see the trailer here (URL) on YouTube. If you see a technique you’d like to know more about, just click here (URL) and follow the simple instructions to pay (a modest sum) for it and download it immediately. I hope you enjoy the videos and learn as much from watching them as I learned by making them!

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